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Daud Vicary Abdullah is a member of the Global Group in Islamic Finance & Investment under the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in United Kingdom, as well as a member of the Steering Committee for The Royal Awards for Islamic Finance.
Analytical thinking the bedrock of a successful start-up

Book smart versus street smart is the perennial debate amongst the start-up community. Just being technically gifted in school doesn’t necessarily equate into automatic success. History has also proven that a fiery spirit with an immense can-do attitude holds no firm promises.

UK’s new generation of Muslim designers

Hana Tajima, Muslim fashion designer: "I think young Hijabis are looking to wear something that expresses themselves, and also the culture that they're brought up in. Like, especially in the West, I think it's difficult, you don't want to wear something because your parents wore it or it's not like a culture that you're particularly familiar with."

As author of the book ‘Blue Sky Innovation: Killer Innovations That Changed The World of Business’, Dr. Vivekarajah is a firm believer that many start-up entrepreneurs get too consumed by product and technology, and forget that it is just as important to be imaginative in business models, as well as operational, resource, customer, market and disruptive innovations.
Success of business not just about innovation and disruption: Dr. Vivekarajah

Innovation and disruption have been the buzzwords for start-ups in recent years. For Dr. Sivapalan Vivekarajah, it is imperative that those virtues do not blanket the creative imagination of business modelling. Dr. Vivekarajah will be gracing the inaugural IdeaLab event in Kuala Lumpur on August 11-12, organised by the World Islamic Economic Forum Foundation.

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