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Islamic Fashion and Design Council (IFDC) Chairwoman Alia Khan. Photo Credit IFDC
MOCAfest 2015: Alia Khan making a difference through fashion and charity

She’s cool, she’s suave, she’s full of heart. Alia Khan is one of the big hitters in Islamic fashion and in this intimate interview with Aquila Style, she reveals her motivations behind her business, the Islamic Fashion and Design Council, women’s rights, hijab, the gradual fusion of cultures that is beginning to happen in Islamic fashion and a little insight into where IFDC is heading with men’s fashion.

The fantastic Faig Ahmed with his wonderful work.
MOCAfest 2015: The liberal and deep thinking world of Faig Ahmed

He has described himself as a 'hostage to tradition', had always thought his mind was ‘cold and totally impersonal’. But anyone who lays their eyes on the wonderful work of Faig Ahmed will instinctively know he is actually so far from that. A vibrant artist bursting with creativity, the Azerbaijani artist is totally reinventing how we all look at carpets.

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